Hero Cards:  Not everyone knows what that term means.  Simply put, Hero Cards are post cards, much like the ones you would purchase while on vacation to keep or send home to a loved one, but "Hero Cards" are so much more for Racers.  It's the chance to put your face and photos of your car with info about you and your team and career and so much more out there to fans.  You will be able to use them at autograph sessions to give out to fans that want your autograph, which makes it important that you have something nice to give them and something you can afford.
At RACE22 Designs, we specialize in making you look good.  You can buy a "postcard" from anywhere with your info and photos on it, but what impression will it make on the people you give it to and could that fan you just signed an autograph for, be a business man that's looking to sponsor a car?  That's why we make the most Professional, yet Edgy looking "Hero Cards", that can give your fans and potential sponsors as well as your current sponsors the right impression.  All our Hero Cards, no matter the size are done in beautiful Full Color on the Front & Back of a Heavy Cardstock postcard.
You can't find better Hero Cards for better prices anywhere.  All our prices are listed here on the website and you can order here 24 hours a day/7 days a week via paypal.  Once your order is submitted we will be in touch with you within 24 hours and we'll start the process of getting your info and photos and begin the design process.  Once your cards are approved, your order will be submitted to our printer and you will receive your cards within 10-14 days, but can also be delivered faster if desired through our "Xpress Printing" Options as described below the standard Hero Card prices.

Hero Card Prices(Standard Turnaround):
(All Hero Cards printed on 14pt Glossy Cardstock with Full Color Front & Back)
4" x 6" Small
 100 - $100
 250 - $110
 500 - $120
 1,000 - $135
 2,500 - $225
 5,000 - $300
 10,000 - $550
5" x 7" Medium
 100 - $165
 250 - $175
 500 - $225
 1,000 - $250
 2,500 - $300
 5,000 - $425
 10,000 - $800
6" x 9" Large
 100 - $175
 250 - $225
 500 - $250
 1,000 - $275
 2,500 - $410
 5,000 - $620
 10,000 - $1,000
8" x 10" Professional
 100 - $275
 250 - $340
 500 - $380
 1,000 - $450
 2,500 - $700
 5,000 - $1,000
 10,000 - $1,500
8.5" x 11" Professional Plus
 100 - $325
 250 - $390
 500 - $430
 1,000 - $550
 2,500 - $800
 5,000 - $1,200
 10,000 - $1,800
Once an order is placed, NO REFUNDS will be given.  Credits may be given if we haven't started on the artwork for the hero cards. 

For orders over 1000 quantity may incur higher shipping charges.
For orders over 1000 quantity may incur higher shipping charges.
For orders over 1000 quantity may incur higher shipping charges.
For orders over 1000 quantity may incur higher shipping charges.

Xpress Hero Cards?  Now that you know what the term Hero Card is you're probably wondering what our "Xpress Printing" service is all about.  That's simple.  Lets say it's Monday morning, you realize that you need Hero Cards for the upcoming weekend.
Not many, if any other design and printing companies can help you meet such a deadline.  However, RACE22 Designs has established a new working relationship with a company local to us to deliver the cards a competitive rate, yet turn it around nearly instantly.  With our "Xpress Printing" options, you can order the Hero Card you need on Monday, send us photos(unless we have them), logos and the info for the cards and we can have you a proof within 24 hours.
Once you approve the proof or we make the necessary changes we can send you Hero Cards to print.  Orders of less than 250 can be turned around in a few hours and shipped or delivered to you and orders of 500 to 1,000 can be printed in a day or so and shipped or delivered to you.  Which means you can procastinate(like every racer does) and order your Hero Cards on Monday and possibly have them in your hands on Wednesday.  If we have your previous order on file and you just need a few to get you through an event, we might even be able to have them to you by Tuesday .... it's that simple.
We think this kind of turnaround is necessary in some instances and we're ready to deliver your products in the most timely manner and make a believer out of you when it comes to our "Xrpress Printing" options.  Currently we only have the 8.5" x 11" Professional Plus Hero Cards listed below and while any size is available, we will be adding some more 'standard sizes' to the list to offer you a better assortment.
If you need a different size now, just let us know and while the price will be higher than our standard prices, we won't rip you off and we'll get you what you need in a hurry.  Try our "Xpress Printing" today to become a believer.
Hero Card Prices(Xpress Printing):
(All Hero Cards printed on 14pt Matte Cardstock with Full Color Front & Back)
8.5" x 11" Professional Plus
 100 - $425
 250 - $525
 500 - $650
 1,000 - $750
Other sizes might be Available depending on turn around time needed, if you need another size, please email: designs@RACE22.com or call 276.613.4208 
Also, Additional Shipping may be Required to Expedite the Shipping of Xpress Printing Orders.  Shipping price included via paypal is for standard 2-3 day shipping and additional shipping will be required for overnight and two-day deliveries.

For orders over 1000 quantity may incur higher shipping charges.